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About Us

 Cannabis Activist Clothing is designed to stylishly support hemp; one of nature's most sustainable, renewable, and valuable resources.

Each article of our clothing is made with high quality fabrics including our most popular 55% Organic Hemp/45% Organic Cotton blends. The Hemp fiber is of the strongest in all natural textile fibers and will not shrink like other commonly used fibers. It has a soft feel and luxurious look that merits shelve space at any high-end retailer. We have "Statement" styles for the more open hemp supporter and we also have "Logo" styles for a more subtle approach.

Our materials are deluxe and durable yet breathable and soft and outlast several other fabrics by many years. Our 55% Hemp 45% Cotton fleece blend stays nicely warm in colder temperatures while our T shirt blends stay breathable in warmer seasons. The more our hemp blends are worn, the softer they get. It has been said that hemp does not wear out, it wears in. Hemp is a porus, water absorbant fiber which dyes and retains colors very well providing a comfortable feel and good look for longer.

Our Hemp blends provide unmatched comfort and quality which outlast many other materials by years. Cannabis Activist Clothing will always be made with premium fabrics sustaining a soft touch and great look that's built to last. We have a high quality policy we intend to continue. 




 Cannabis Activist Clothing Company LLC
Riverdale, Utah 84405
United States of America